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SNIK good place to hide they never finb ME!  the smart cockatie


SNIK good place to hide they never finb ME!  the smart cockatie



Disney Villains Week:
Best/Funniest Villain Moment: The execution of the Sanderson Sisters


10 Jobs For Wombats [video] [h/t: sizvivdeos]

What do you guys do when a girl's on her period? :V


Shu: Huh… We stay away from her…

Reiji: The good-for-nothing and I make ensure that they stay away from her as long as possible. It doesn’t matter that she’s bleeding. It’s not healthy or fresh blood and the last thing we need is to get sick!

Raito: Nfu~ We’re told to stay away from the girl’s on their monthly “gift”. *giggle* But sometimes they ask me to rub their tummy and I can’t resist~ I have to rub their tummy!

Kanato: I once heard a girl screaming in the bathroom about how her insides were trying to kill her. So I stay far away. Very far. Hearing that doesn’t make me feel better because it’s not me doing it.

Ayato: It’s bad blood and it’s not healthy, right? If I need to talk to her, I choose not to sniff her or breathe in. But I don’t usually have to talk to her. It’s hard to do when her healthy blood would smell good.

Subaru: We stay the hell away from them and if we share a class, I go to the library or ditch.

Ruki: I make sure my brother’s stay away from them. If they share a class, I don’t worry. They aren’t stupid enough to try anything.

Kou: Naturally Ruki-kun makes us stay away from them, but he doesn’t hassle us if we have a class together! I wouldn’t want to drink the dirty blood, anyway! *giggle* I’d get sick!

Yuma: We’re told to stay away from them. We have classes with some of them. I give them some chocolate if they ask if I have any. Women are weird.

Azusa: Ruki says we…have to stay away from them… But the classes… The ones we have…in our classes…it’s okay, but…one punched me once for asking…if she was okay… Ha…